North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains

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Mountain Real Estate

Clear mountain  streams and waterfalls abound in the North Georgia Blue Ridge mountains.

Miles of pristine trout streams await you in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mountain homes and homesites in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains
Your perfect retirement home or mountain retreat...

Mountain living on Chestnut Mountain - in the heart of the North Georgia Blue Ridge mountains.We simply found a location that offers stunning (trust us on this, no hyperbole here) views and added roads, power and water while keeping the mountain pristine. No room on Chestnut Mountain for adding the expensive lifestyle amenities found in the larger developments - if you don't mind a beautiful 20 minute drive - you can have all of that you want - golfing, fishing, shopping and more within minutes. The kicker? North Georgia's Union County has 204,000 acres and 97,000 of that belongs to the Chattahoochee National Forest - a huge advantage for you. You won't find the rampant development here that you find everywhere else, your views and lifestyle will be protected for generations to come. You want to live here to escape the urban sprawl and traffic congestion, now and in the future; and with so much protected land, we can deliver that to you. Explore our site, feel free to call or write us, we are happy to help y'all any way we can!

Arrange for a visit now and explore Chestnut Mountain and more unique local mountain communities- we will be happy to give you a complete tour and show you some of the finest mountain views you will find anywhere in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains.


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